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Monday, July 11, 2011



Monday, July 4, 2011

Reflections: Giving time

Reflections: Giving time: "Its been 2 years since I began the work with YouSee( ), creating a organisation that encourages to give for results ..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Monday, May 3, 2010

The passion is as good as the plan

Overview: Turning a passion about fashion into a careerClick Here!

Since she was a little girl, Shez Zamrudeen liked to be specific about her dress choice for all coming events. At 21, she was known for her flair of an entrepreneur. However she needed to spend some time in the industry to be equipped with the necessary experience to start her own boutique. When she turned her passion about fashion into a career, she started her store in the Arts district and the advantage of being the only store with an art gallery offering artifacts and paintings along with apparels.
She does her own shopping for the collections at her store. She feels proud and a sense of achievement when a customer is happy with an appropriate outfit. She loves being complimented on the choice of colors and combination.
Since she has started at the advent of the recession, she can not go high on her ambitious projects to multiply the number of her stores. Her planning is immaculate for the inventory at her store, so that she does not get outdated on any piece, while being adequately supplied as per the demand.
She is part of the store’s crew. She gets her living from it while being fashionable and doing what she loves the most. She can be immensely creative with her work, even though the customer would not realize about it while getting the piece for a price. She does not mind as long as her efforts are appreciated by customers who notice.
The recession notwithstanding, turning a passion about fashion into a career, has proven the right choice for Shez Zamrudeen. She says that thinking ahead and remaining positive through difficult times with better planning about a business is a sure shot to do well in one’s career.

Learn to Survive the setbacks

Overview: Advice from the startups that turned mistakes into opportunities for success Click Here!

About 60% of business startups fail due to inadequate research, absence of proper accounting system and casualness of approach. The raw material and its timely and adequate supply being the most essential, one needs to have proper agreement with the suppliers. Maintaining cash registers is not enough, as the accounting system is about balancing the income and expenses on daily basis. Most important is the dedication towards the business.
Sunny Kwak, Cyrille Turnier and Ryeon Kim, students at Babson College along with Rudolph Berthold of Florida International University started with an environment friendly cigarette, but soon appeared to have floundered because of the same reasons and the business got affected.
As soon as they realized their mistakes, they took quick actions to counter those and were soon making profit by selling through They learnt from their mistakes. However, Sunny Kwak thinks that unless one undergoes a little fluctuation, one would not be bold enough to survive bigger setbacks. So it is good to have failures on regular basis, according to his opinion, supported by Mukesh Sud, Assistant professor of management at the Charles F. Dolan School of business at Fairfield University.
One can not, however, entirely rule out failures despite utmost care in case of inexperience. Unless one is in it for some time, one is not going to have experience to decide correctly about the price, the service charges, and the consumers. These are factors which bring risk, and one should have fair judgments about all factors and the investment should be spread accordingly.
One wise advice one can follow is to have a blue print of the process to be followed. In case something goes wrong, then one can always go back to the process nodes to compare experience with assumptions. The extent of loss notwithstanding, one can start afresh from the point onwards, because whatever has already taken place has already become past which can not be altered.
The good beginning can be made with soliciting mentorship of a successful person. He can see through the fall outs and guide you in looking at things from a new perspective. The story of Glenn Phillips, owner of Pelham, Alabama-based Forte Inc. ended in success after near collapse due to financial mess. The expert advice came from his apartment partner, who indicated at the unnecessary HR, at the speculation that went wrong about his next project, at his business plan, at his service charge which was not adequate, apart from his cash handling. From that point in 2002 when he was with a debt of $300,000, he went on to be successful to make a business profit with half his employees by 2004. His annual turnover now is in the range of $800,000. The lessons, he learnt were so painful that it feels good at present to have experienced them some times in past.

Tireless profiles

Death at Funeral

It was the funeral party of Aaron and Ryan’s father. Aaron (Chris Rock) is an established tax accountant living with his parent and is the care taker of the family while younger Ryan (Martin Lawrence) is a celebrated author. It was meant to be a solemn ceremony and was about to be so, when both brothers came to know their father’s sexual inclination, and that he was gay.

This is a strange sequence to be discovered about a person’s life leading to reinterpretation of the character, which is not of any use anymore. The mother, Cynthia was the only person to get affected by such a twist to the story of her husband, behaves funny as well considering the age at which the twist has been discovered.

The philosophical edge is that the dead soul died another time, and perhaps for good, as the departed soul was proven to be an unworthy one to be grieved for. A fact turns the table on a dead person, who is not there to defend himself anymore.

Westward the women

It is a funny story of a ranchman hiring about 100 women to wives to his men at the ranch. He did not care of their background as long as they agreed to take the journey westward with him. Along with his secretary, he had 15 men hired to escort the whole caravan. While on travel, they were encountered by the men of their pasts, the tribals who did not understand such a mission and felt threatened by such a group for such a purpose, in an inexplicable manner.

They did complete the journey although many killed on the way, and many defected from the team, because they were engaged to each other and did not have any fascination to be at the ranch in future. At the end of the journey, the master rancher had died himself, leaving the left over group to the care of his secretary, who was not as rigid in his outlook as the master.

This gives some kind of human freedom, caused due to a strange dream conceived by a ranchman, as many got the freedom to chose their own lives away from which they were earlier leading and had no clue to get away from it.

24 hours in London (2000)

Violence starts when the gang leader of London streets, Christian (Gary Olsen) wants to kill Martha, who was witness to one of his murder. Martha is the niece of Miss Lloyd, (counter part to Christian). Miss Lloyd and Christian are trying to forge a partnership while each one would wipe out the other at the first opportunity.

Christian is manipulative and has the top lawyers and detectives in his payroll. However, Miss Lloyd appears to be more powerful in the end, because her mission and the Government’s mission appear to be at the same side. The story deals with the usual criminal story highlighting some of the irony of human minds; as to why we tolerate such mindsets and have no clues about them if those are happening under our nose.

May be it is the dichotomy of the civilization and our time, that does not level a crime to be so till it is proven, although it lives as common knowledge. The story does not give us any insight for better behavior but the irony is palpable.

Losing it (1983)

It is a story about four teenager friends who are set on losing their virginity along with a woman who accompanies them to have a divorce. While the plot does not struggle to prevent the boys from achieving their target they have set themselves for, it shows few points as to what leads the young brains go for something which they are not yet matured for.

This is an irony. It feels as if each of us desires something without giving ourselves enough time to deserve it. While sex is going to be everyday affair once they attain a particular stage, it is called a nuisance away from the set priority at the tender teen age.

Is it worthwhile to show rebel with such fanaticism?

Umberto D." (1952).

Umberto D (Carlo Battisti) is a retired pensioner who lives with his dog Flick, and is in serious financial difficulties to pay his rent, and almost about to beg but prefers death to it.

It is the ultimate of a person comes to, in the face of utter helplessness and there is no way he can be helped. He is alone. Is loneliness enough reason to justify indignity being caused to him? He senses that his dog would be a frustrated soul if he is gone from his life and when he decides to die, he is holding his dog in his arms. The enchantment of the moment is so huge, that the coming disaster can not distract neither the human being nor the dog.

What is it that we create for ourselves? What are we waiting to do? What is the revenge and against whom? The struggle is so huge that nothing else can be meaningful. Yet, the trivialities hold away all through our lives.

The tyrannical land lady of Umberto achieved nothing much except a room. Yet, the audience is jealous of the dignity of Umberto.

Michael Skinner (Leo Gregory) is into a human trafficking deal. He gets into big time ganging from an ordinary gangster. As the business grows, his power grows. And irrespective of the end and the means, he wonders how far still he can go.

Is there a scare? May be Michael has conquered the reasons which would have scared him. There is a tactics to everything. Crime is just a fine line opposite of good citizenship, and he maintains it at that. Manipulation is rampant, and the society condemns the body trafficking alone.

While it is too dangerous to argue, there is no punishment for being nice and appear to be clean. There are few who venture to examine at this level, and everything goes fine for the criminal, who made a choice to be so, and not by intention.

What is educational psychology?

Educational Psychology deals with the way a child/learner responds to educational environment like that in a school and the methods of teaching. The methods are based on certain assumptions which are psychological in nature. The rate of development of cognitive and reasoning abilities is an indicator of intelligence so far. Other factors considered are the motivational factors and morality. However, nowadays learners are behaving differently due to media exposure and technical advancement around which has proven many assumptions wrong. Educational psychology is always evolving and encompasses many environmental factors including learning deficiencies and disabilities. A learner is always not essentially a child. An adult learner may also display traits of that of a child.